Maharaja Agrasen Ji

ऊँचे बुद्धि विवेक में, अग्रवाल है नाम करते रहें समाज में, सदा सुधारकाम

महाराजा अग्रसेन एक पौराणिक समाजवाद के प्रवर्तक, युग पुरुष, राम राज्य के समर्थक एवं महादानी एवं समाजवाद के प्रथम प्रणेताथे |

Agrasen Bhagwan Charitable Foundation

Pune has been a vibrant city with a petit mix of traditional & modern values. Agarwal Samaj has been active in Pune for lent 1 decade. Since 1990 the young generation of Agarwal families started many active organizations to look into from needs of Agarwal Samaj.
The main focus was on Medical, Educational Matrimonial & Social Upliftments here. These young volunteers have added thousands of Youth Women members & now this is a bunch of more than 20 organizations under the umbrella of Agrensen Bhagwan Charutabl foundation.
Various projects under one direct & indirect management one specified on the website. We urge each & every Agarwal member from Pune, Maharashtra, India & Globally to you this Gigantic project & give your Time, Talent & Treasure for our Samaj.

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